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Wallet SDKs Bringing Usability into Web3

Embed all your Web3 operations without ever needing to leave your dApp.

Join us and receive an exclusive Token Bound Account ERC-6551 🔽 

We've architected a unique decentralized storage network, seamlessly merging Mix-nets, homomorphic encryption, and zero-knowledge proofs. This ensures secure retrieval and storage of private keys, preserving your control and autonomy.

Making web3 
more accesible and reliable.


 Wallet & SDK


In-dApp Experience

Sign, send and receive transactions without leaving your dApp.


Connect with Existing Wallets

Whether you are new to web3 or are a seasoned wallet user, you can obtain our benefits.


Decentralized Biometric

Web2 convenience without sacrificing encryption and decentralization benefits from web3.


Interoperable P2P mixnet network

Cross-platform and cross-chain: Seamless retrieval of any cryptographic information: Signatures, private keys and shards


Account Abstraction and TBA Compatible

Enhancing wallet experience with cutting-edge advancements.



Integrated with 12 EVM and Non-EVM Chains. 


Our technology

State-Observing Network

A mathematically rigorous notion of decentralization. Plug-and-play infra allowing anyone to join our network

State-Changing Auth Scheme (SCA)

Permission-less authentication scheme based on blockchain-native infrastructure.

Decentralized Security

Security based on large-scale social coordination, information asymmetry, & slowness of trust.

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Success! One step closer to bring more user into web3!

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